Creating Strategic and Financial Solutions that will stand the test of time.

Bashaw-Martinson is a collaboration between Bashaw Group, Inc.  and Martinson & Company, Ltd. to provide coordinated strategic and financial solutions for family-owned and closely-held businesses. Our integrated solutions follow a multidimensional approach that is purpose driven, client focused and considers both the financial and personal interests of its client's stakeholders.

Multi-Dimensional Approach
We work with you, your lawyer, accountant and other advisors to develop a solution that considers the myriad of interests and needs that factor into your thoughts about how your company value is distributed, investment capital is raised, or business relationships are developed. We help you to sort through the noise to find the best solution for you.

Purpose-Driven Solutions
We take the time to understand the goals of the various shareholders, as well as, the business needs of the company. Based on these inputs we develop a solution that best serves the overall company purpose. Our balanced approach leads to successful solution without forcing shareholders to give up their values. 
Client-Focused Solutions
We integrate you into our process. We consider your interests and help you to understand the process. This eliminates potential surprises and helps to ensure your satisfaction with the outcome.

“Our solutions are developed to improve business opportunities, while ensuring that the full ranges of ownership interests are also satisfied. We get strong results and superior client satisfaction.”—The Bashaw-Martinson Team

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